Digital strategy

 Strategy and planning

 Smart interplay to win big

In an increasingly competitive and complex online environment, reaching your target market demands the effective use of channels. Neexa works alongside clients to formulate an ideal online marketing strategy - by finding the ideal media to suit your campaigns we harness the accuracy of online tools: be found and wanted by who you want to market your products or services. For instance, a client that requires leads and sales might assume they need pay-per-click ads. But if your brand is not yet established, boosting its share of mind with a social media campaign or optimising its search engine profile can lead to a more organic, effective growth. Our experience allows us to pick the latest and tried-and-true marketing techniques and the correct channels to get positive responses from your audience. Please get in touch for friendly and expert advice. We'd be happy to show you how our experience can help you build a truly bespoke online marketing plan.


User Experience and Information Architecture

Surgical-like enhancements to assure the growth and well-being of your business.

 In order to provide a perfect interactive experience, information must reach your users effortlessly. But information grows at a fast rate and not unlike joints suffering from incorrect muscle development, your website might have a heavy content without a proper structure. Neexa believes in design with a purpose and as such your processes, imagery and text will be built on a strong, flexible usability framework. Among other things, healthy Information Architecture:

- Reduces maintenance and training costs

- Reduces dependence on documentation

- Reduces duplication of effort and staff turnover

- Reduces the cost of finding information (or not finding it at all!)

- Improves knowledge sharing but reduces harmful internal politics

- Increases product or service awareness

- Increases sales


And overall, when Neexa makes using your site, tool or intranet a truly enjoyable experience we also improve brand loyalty and ultimately solidify your business strategy. We use a combined set of tools and the latest techniques, be user-centered or activity-centered design to complement your brand’s strengths.

Please feel free to call us today for a free check-up. We’d be happy to advise you.



Enabling universal interaction

As well as usability testing, Neexa websites undergo accessibility testings during some of the development stages. We follow W3C accessibility guidelines (the initial HTML is validated by W3C) to pass the key checkpoints of the Web Accessibility Initiative and the UK’s Disability Discrimination Act to make the site accessible to users with impaired ability. Our accessibility tests expose issues that may concern visual impairment (colour-blindness, long-sightedness, blindness) and mobility impairment. Many of these issues are resolved when the site is coded (scalable text sizes, accessible HTML for screen readers) and the client-side code is split into content and presentation layers; such content is then optimized for search engines and consequently design changes are easier to implement. Give Neexa a call or email us and find out how our accessibility practices can make a difference.


Customer Relationship Management

Keeping them happy to keep them with you

Client loyalty is trickier in an increasingly competitive landscape. Neexa knows that understanding your clients is vital to adapt and keep their satisfaction levels high. We have a host of CRM services that will allow you to take a detailed look and understand their behaviour, and then target each customer accordingly. Your best customers will be contacted in the ways that really make the most of your investment. And sporadic customers can be swayed to buy more frequently. Above all, we'll help you to offer attentive customer service: Neexa's technologies can allow you to get so close to a one-to-one communication your hard-earned clients will feel truly special. Creating trust is not cheap nor easy, and maintaining it doubly so. Give Neexa a call to find out what we have in store to make this process smoother and more reliable.


Foreign Market Localisation

Not just translating the language but understanding the culture.

At Neexa we work alongside native copywriters to offer international adaptation for your website or digital project. From remaking the information architecture and user experience to fit different visual heat-maps and cultural specificities to text transcreation, our services ensure you are ready to deploy your brand in foreign markets with a native flair.
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