Design & Build

Creative consistent, living innovation

The right image for your business, Neexa empowers your brand's unique assets by using the freshest most reliable online technologies. We offer professionally designed online experiences that fit the same quality of design of your offline campaign. But perhaps more importantly, we specialise in pure and agile online creation right from the conception. That ensures the DNA of a truly connected, living and breathing idea enticing your visitors. Whether you need eye-catching-and-finger-clicking banner adverts, eagerly-awaited HTML newsletters, compelling portfolios or elegant and efficient intranets, we can help you. Please talk to us today and find how we can give your brand a fresh new spirit.

Human-centered design

Neexa builds effective, activity hubs.

Some companies believe in building website built with users in mind. At Neexa we don't believe simply in users, but in people. Customers come in all shapes and sizes, and we accommodate and harness their difference as we create. But also, sometimes we design it in such way to elicit uniform, successful responses. Just in the same way people from different backgrounds and beliefs can be taught to play an instrument, swim, or to drive a car, truly diverse visitors can have an enjoyable digital experience, with a purposely-built framework. Our experience enables us to offer high-quality design standards for navigation and displaying information and our creativity allow us to fine-tune it to specifics. Talk to us to learn more about our fresh perspectives about design and how making persons into customers can make your business grow.

Bespoke Development and Content management systems

Tailor-made to your brand

At Neexa, every briefing is translated into action with careful, expert consideration. While out-of-the-box solutions can be perfectly fine and cost-saving for some requirements, increasingly complex online strategies more often than not require custom solutions. Neexa truly excels in those cases: whatever functionality you need from your online platform and website, we have extensive expertise to deliver it in exactly the way you choose, for less than you think. Our expert coder team is used to building entire platforms from scratch, or add-ons and plug-ins for popular platforms, open-source or commercial, Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal and programming languages – be it PHP, Javascript and HTML 5. We'll give you the power to adapt, on your own. Save maintenance costs by uploading content yourself. Neexa can offer you one-of-a-kind, bespoke content management systems:
- Elegantly-coded to be seamlessly updated
- Efficiently tracked and ranked in the search engines
 - Affordable as it is built on open-source platforms, no additional cost for content changes
- Straightforward, fully-automated: friendly administrative interface for the pre-determined editable content (e.g. images, text description, prices.)
- Easy, no learning curve. Do not require tech-savvy users to operate it. (Similar to Microsoft Office Platform)
- Web applications that are Macintosh (OSX), Windows & Linux compatible.

 Simply email us your demands and constraints and we'll translate it into the very best system, no matter how hard you were told it is. We dare you. Email us your requirements. We'll be happy to surprise you with perfectly-tailored solutions for you.