Facebook Campaigns

Personalized Social Commerce for Mass Audiences

More than 600 million active users and counting, the leading social networking site is based on monthly unique visitors. Neexa fully understands the importance of using Facebook in your campaign. We are experienced in developing successful Facebook-based applications and have the ability to create popular content for the social network. Ask us about how we can use Facebook to reach new audiences. Or if you are using it already, we can also help you to measure results and propose new strategies to harness this huge potential market.

Online marketing

Not Search Engine Optimisation, but Online Presence Strategies

A straightforward, natural search engine growth. At Neexa we shun the strategies and lingo of some of the so-called SEO practitioners. Our techniques are clear and straightforward, and our websites are coded with a successful search engine ranking in mind, from the very start. That is part of an ethics and quality philosophy that we like to call Neexa® Online Presence Strategies. It allows organic, sustainable growth as your website is listed higher and higher on the result pages. We won't promise you impossible ranking goals, we will show you where your investment is being used. Our specialists will help you to analyse your current code and content and make a careful assessment if, say, certain links are affecting your rankings, or tags are mislabeled. This translates as better positioning for your brand or campaign, and helps you to stay ahead of your competitors. We believe in helping you to build a successful long-lasting online brand. Contact us to find out more about how successful search engine ranking can be a consequence of allied online presence strategies.

CPA and Pay-per-click

Clicks and results 

At Neexa we're qualified Google Advertising Professionals and Microsoft adExcellence members so you are safe in our hands when it comes to picking the right network for you.
Neexa CPA® (Cost Per Acquisition) is the ideal way to buy online advertising, as our client only pays for the ad when the desired action has occurred. That can either mean an email being opened, a product being purchased, a form being filled, etc. This is a very popular results-oriented technique that enables transparency in regards to results of a campaign. Another popular product is Neexa PPC® (Pay-per-click), a quick and effective way to boost your search engine profile in an online search. Results are very quick and it also allows you to measure the exact return on investment you get from every campaign.
Whatever Key Performance Indicator you need, we have the right technique to help you meeting your business goals. Please contact us and learn how Neexa can help your campaign achieve measurable, successful results.


Email Marketing

From emails to sales

One of the marketing channels with the biggest reach, this content delivery platform demands special expertise. At Neexa we have the best tools to ensure the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign. We can help you to automate personalisation with unique flair, increasing positive response. We can track which visitors reached your website thanks to a particular email, their interaction and how much time and money they've spent. We can test and refine attention-getting email subjects to empower your campaign. This means that your performance will always improve and your best customers and prospects will be engaged in the best way to generate sales.

To find out more, please feel free to contact to us.